Temperature Transmitter Module(删)

Temperature Transmitter Module(删)

CMWR/Z temperature transmitter module is a kind of temperature transmitter unit which is to output 4~20mA linear current signal.

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CMWR/Z temperature transmitter module is a kind of temperature transmitter unit which is on-site installed. Adopts two-wire transmission to output 4~20mA linear current signal.CMWR/Z temperature transmitter module can be integrated with junction box of thermocouple or thermal resistance,additionally,it can also be mounted inside instrument panel as transmission unit.



The series is widely used in industries and scientific area such as petroleum, chemical, textile, metallurgy, mechatronics, power supply, aeronautical, food and medical,etc as well as other automatic temperature metering, transmitting and controlling area.


1.Introduce advanced non-linear correcting circuit.

2.Introduce self-correcting circuit of drift.

3.Introduce unique anti-interference circuit.

4.Cold-end compensation circuit of high accuracy.

5.Non-corrosive, outstanding vibration-resistance ability and reliable performance.

Technical Reference

Measuring Accuracy
±0.1% F.S / ±0.2% F.S / ±0.5% F.S
Influence of Environment Temperature 0.1=±0.1% F.S℃,0.2=±0.2% F.S℃,0.5=±0.5% F.S℃
OutputTwo-wire, 24VDC, 4~20mA
Deviation of Cold-end Compensation<1° K,J,E,S
Stability<0.2%F.S per year
Load Resistance0~600Ω
Power Supply24VDC(12VDC is for option if required)
Environment Temperature-25~+85℃
Storage Temperature-25~+125℃

Medium Temperature

Response Time≤10ms
Can be explosion-proof, class iaIICT4.

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